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Comprehensive Guide to Winter Weather and Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has become a popular choice for many homeowners and businesses due to its durability, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency. As winter approaches, many property owners have questions about how their metal roofs will perform under snowy and icy conditions. This guide aims to address those concerns and provide insights into maintaining metal roofs during the colder months.

Snow Accumulation on Metal Roofs

One of the primary concerns about metal roofs in winter is the accumulation of snow. Fortunately, metal roofs are designed to handle the weight of heavy snowfalls. Their slippery surface ensures that snow slides off, minimizing accumulation. While occasional snow buildup might occur, especially in areas with inadequate maintenance, it's typically short-lived, showcasing the efficiency of metal roofing.

Addressing Heavy Snow Buildup

While buildings are constructed to bear the weight of snow, especially in regions known for heavy snowfalls, there might be instances where excessive snow buildup on a metal roof necessitates removal. This is particularly true for structures that have sustained damage from pests or leaks. Wet snow, which is denser, can be especially problematic. If neighboring roofs are collapsing due to snow weight, and your metal roof has unrepaired recent damage, it's crucial to address the snow accumulation promptly.

Identifying When Snow Removal is Necessary

Signs that your roof is under distress from snow weight include:

  • Audible groaning or creaking sounds from the structure.

  • Sagging ceilings or dislodged ceiling tiles.

  • Cracks appearing in walls.

  • Doors and windows becoming jammed.

In such scenarios, it's imperative to consult a roofing expert for an emergency evaluation.

Safe Snow Removal Techniques

Removing snow from roofs can be hazardous. For light snow accumulations, a snow rake might suffice, provided the roof is accessible from the ground. However, for heavier accumulations or inaccessible roofs, it's advisable to engage a professional roofing contractor. They possess the necessary safety equipment and expertise to remove snow without causing harm to the structure, bystanders, or themselves.

Preventing Snow-Related Hazards

Large clumps of snow sliding off a metal roof can pose risks to individuals below. Installing snow guards near the roof's edge can mitigate this. These devices prevent snow from falling off in large chunks, allowing it to melt gradually instead. For quicker melting, some businesses opt for heating devices like heating cables. Ensuring gutters are clear is also crucial to prevent ice buildup and the formation of dangerous icicles.

Rust Concerns with Metal Roofs in Winter

A well-installed metal roof should not rust during winter. However, when different metal types come into contact, corrosion might occur, leading to rust. Engaging a professional for installation and repairs ensures the use of compatible materials, preventing such issues.

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