Brown steel roof


The Simplest Warranty is the Best Warranty

Every roofing company seems to offer a warranty with many of them using the term “lifetime” warranty. But, when you take a closer look, there seems to often be quite a few conditions. At 4EVER Metal Roofing, our entire team has been in the industry for years. We have first-hand knowledge of what a typical warranty covers and the limitations they often set. When we opened our doors, we knew we could do better.

The 4EVER Difference

The most important thing we offer our customers is trust. Our goal is always to
serve them the best way possible. We understand what a big purchase a new roof is, so we want to eliminate any misgivings
customers may have. We believe the easiest and best way to do this, beyond impeccable service and high-quality
materials, is to offer warranties that mean something.

We started by doing research – a lot of it. We studied warranties and guarantees from roofing companies throughout the region and across the country. This gave us an understanding of what was out there and what to avoid.

The result is what we consider to be the best warranty in the business. It’s short and to the point. There’s no fine print. No dozens of pages to read. Just a simple guarantee of our craftmanship with a promise of a job well done that will stand the test of time and give you peace of mind.

Our Warranty Explained

Simple and direct, the 4EVER warranty is a single-page pledge of our work.

  • Our Lifetime Warranty actually means a lifetime, that of your home.
  • As the original purchaser, you are covered s long as you live in your home, THEN the warranty extends for an additional 15 years or the succeeding owner.
  • Repairs and replacement are always FREE OF CHARGE for any defects or installation mistakes.
  • We cover 100% of the cost of materials, replacement products and LABOR – something that is missing in most other warranties.