4Ever Steel Fortress - Steel Shingle

Designed to look and function better than normal asphalt shingles.

Fortress Horizontal Color
Fortress Image 4

What's So Special About Metal/Steel Shingles?

What do you think is the Number One Complaint we hear about metal roofs? Most people don't want their home to look like it has a metal barn roof. For many years, your only option was to have a barn-style metal roof. Not anymore. Introducing our 4Ever Steel Fortress. Get all the benefits and protection of a Metal Roof with superior beauty and style that can't be beaten.

True Nature

Our True Nature panels offer a variety of looks using painted stamped metal panels to give an unimaginable lifetime of beauty to your home at an affordable price. The coating systems erase the harsh look of metal and enhance each steel tile with layers of specialized coatings that combine to create a realistic finish that is protected from fading and corrosion in virtually all weather conditions.

Cedar Creek Shake

Burnished Slate
Burnished Slate Matte
Ebony 1
Ebony Matte
Shadow Deep Gray 1
Shadow Deep Gray Matte

North Ridge Slate

SLATE10740 North Ridge Slate Burnished Slate Variation scaled e1605468144415
Burnished Slate Matte
Ebony Matte
Shadow Deep Gray
Shadow Deep Gray Matte

Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Our Stone Coated Steel Roofing have been specifically designed to resemble the look of traditional Asphalt Shingles, Wood Shake, and Tile, but without the inherent ongoing issues that many home owners face. These Stone Coated Steel panels, come with patterns of shading and colors that reflect the popular styles but with the bonus of a far superior serviceable life. These systems deliver the ultimate combination of beauty and weather tightness. Our unique design allows us to overlay our products over existing Asphalt Shingles roofs to help eliminate tear-off costs, not to mention shingle landfill waste.

CF Shingle

Cf shingle arctic grey
Arctic Grey
Cf shingle barkwood
Cf shingle charcoal blend
Charcoal Blend
Cf shingle estate grey
Estate Grey
Cf shingle oakwood
Cf shingle ponderossa
Cf shingle weathered wood
Weathered Wood