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The Advantage of Solar Powered Attic Vents

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In our last blog post, we learned that roof and attic ventilation are crucial to the health and longevity of your roofing system. When your roof stays at a comfortable temperature, meaning not too hot or too cold, you stay comfortable and your utility bills are lower since your HVAC system is not working too hard to cool or heat your home. We also learned that a roof ventilation system can either be naturally powered by the wind or manually powered by an energy source, which is where the advantage of solar powered attic vents come into play.

4Ever Metal Roofing offers amazing metal roofing systems, as well as asphalt roofing, for homeowners in the Fort Wayne area. Our local roofers have over 25 years of experience ensuring your roof lasts. Below, we’ll go over a bit more in-depth the advantage of solar powered attic vents. Call our local roofing company for a free estimate today!

What do Attic Vents do?

Attic vents help to ensure proper air flow through your roofing system. Using air intakes and exhausts, vents bring in cooler air, which then remove hotter air from your roof. The movement keeps your attic cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, saving you money on energy costs. In addition, the constant movement of air helps to control moisture in your attic, which can lead to dangerous mold buildup if left.

The Advantage of Solar Powered Attic Vents

Air needs a way to move through your roofing system. While it’s best to use natural wind power, this is not always possible when the wind is not blowing. Thus, it’s a good idea to have a backup form of air ventilation in your attic. When you choose solar powered attic vents, you’ll eliminate the need for any external energy source, saving you money. By harnessing the sun’s energy, your solar powered attic vents will be able to suck in air and move it through and out your roof easily. You won’t have any wires or cords, and this system works in the winter as well. Proper air ventilation also helps to eliminate dangerous ice dams that can form in the winter here in Fort Wayne, which can damage your roof. Another added benefit of solar powered attic vents is that you won’t have to think about them all that much. They do their job with very little maintenance on your end, saving you time and energy as well.

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