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How does a roof valley work

How Does a Roof Valley Work?

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A valley is a low spot on the earth’s surface. In roofing, a valley is also a low spot that is created when two slopes of a roof meet. Usually a metal piece of flashing is placed to help form a protective barrier on top of the valley. However, a valley is still a common place to find roof leaks because once the flashing is damaged, say by a hail storm for example, water can easily penetrate.

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How a Roof Valley Works

Roof valleys are recognizable because they form a “V” on your roof. It is also the place where water will flow together and then stream off your roof when moisture hits. This is why it is extremely important to have a functional roof valley.

There are different types of roof valleys, including open or metal valleys, closed valleys, and woven valleys. These refer to how the valleys are laid with relation to the shingles, tiles, metal, or other roofing materials. To be honest, as long as your valley is installed correctly, the different types all form the same function. Aesthetics play a role in which type of valley you choose, as well as preference by your local roofers.

How a roof valley works is quite simple. All roofs have meeting points unless you have a flat roofing system. This is for the different styles of roofs. It is at these meeting points where water accumulates. When it rains or snow melts, the water accumulates and flows towards these roof valleys, which then flow into your roof’s gutters. This water is then directed away from your home’s foundations and landscaping. Metal flashing helps the water to flow easier and smoother, but some roofs won’t have flashing at their valleys.

It’s important to maintain your roof’s valleys in order to prevent any leaks. They can last as long as your roof with proper care and maintenance. However, what often happens is that leaves get stuck in your roof’s valleys, which then can cause clogs and back ups that lead to standing water, or the leaves begin to decompose, causing your valleys to corrode. Both of these scenarios can lead to roof leaks, which can cause major damage over time.

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