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4Ever Guard

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A Metal Roof that Doesn't Break the Bank

It’s no secret that metal roofing has proudly made its way into the roofing industry. With that, more and more options are becoming available, including more affordable options for those that want to reap the benefits of a steel metal roof, but are not able to pull the trigger on a high-end one.

Even these affordable metal roofing panels offer a number of benefits and advantages over the traditional tar and asphalt roofing systems. Continue reading to learn more about our Guard Roofing System. Contact our licensed and insured team at 4Ever Metal Roofing today with any questions or concerns!

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Standard Coil Coating

The standard coil coatings that we use offers a clean, smooth finish. While you may think standard is boring, it has earned that name by proving its ability to provide protection and ever-lasting quality to your metal roofing system. These Cerama Star 1050 Coatings from Akzo-Nobel are essentially paint made specifically for metal substrates. The combination of the two is what creates the durable, metal panels that we use for our 4Ever Guard Roofs. When you choose 4Ever Metal Roofing, you can have confidence in the fact that your roof will look good as new for many years to come.

Frost Finish

If you are looking for just a bit more texture or uniqueness in the finish on your metal roof, our Frost Finish is the right one for you. The finish that is used on your roof, is not simply just for looks. It can add additional value of its own. These Cerama Star 1050 Coatings from Akzo-Nobel offer energy-efficiency as they are designed to properly reflect solar rays. The Frost Finish is also extremely durable to provide resistance to scratching, color fading, as well as discoloration. Choose a finish that you will fall in love with over and over, choose Frost Finish today!.

Bright White 1920w
Bright White
Bone White 1920w
Bone White
Ash Grey 1920w
Ash Gray
Ivory 1920w
Light Stone 1920w
Light Stone
Rustic Red 1920w
Rustic Red
Sarhara Tan 1920w
Sahara Tan
Burgandy 1920w
Charcoal 1920w
Burnished Slate 1920w
Burnished Slate
Coca Brown 1920w
Cocoa Brown
Ivy 1920w
Light Grey 1920w
Light Gray
Taupe 1920w
Hawaiian Blue 1920w
Hawaiian Blue
Gallery Blue 1920w
Gallery Blue
Dark Red 1920w
Dark Red
Slate 1920w
Stealth Black 1920w
Stealth Black

Matte and Frost Finishes

Charcoal Matte 1920w
Charcoal Matte
Burgandy Matte 1920w
Burgundy Matte
Onyx Matte 1920w
Onyx Matte
Bronze Matte 1920w
Bronze Matte
Red Matte 1920w
Red Matte
Ivy Matte 1920w
Ivy Matte
Heron Blue Matte 1920w
Heron Blue Matte
Brown Frost 1920w
Brown Frost
Burnished Slate Frost 1920w
Burnished Slate Frost
Charcoal Frost 1920w
Charcoal Frost
Black Frost 1920w
Black Frost
Burgandy Frost 1920w
Burgundy Frost
Evergreen Frost 1920w
Evergreen Frost
Gallery Blue Frost 1920w
Gallery Blue Frost
Rural Red Frost 1920w
Rural Red Frost

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