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The Last Metal Roof You Will Ever Buy

A new roof is a large investment. It can cost you thousands to put a roof on your home. And you’re probably wondering if you should invest in a new roof at all. At 4Ever Metal Roofing, we understand what you’re going through. It’s never easy going through the process of making a big purchase for your home like a new roof. But know that you’re not alone.

Investing in a new roof has a ton of benefits that you can enjoy over the next 30-50 years. That’s how long a new 4Ever Armored metal roofing system can last, which is longer than most people spend their lives in any one home. And even if you get the new roof installed but decide to sell your home, your new metal roof adds value to your home that can increase your asking price. While the upfront cost of metal roofing may seem steep, it’s a fantastic long term investment to protect your home if you stay and help you increase it’s value if you go.

Galvalume® Substrate

The substrate of your roof is super important. It helps prevent rust or corrosion, and it allows your roof to last longer than a large percentage of other materials on the market. There are studies that show Galvalume® Substrate prevents first signs of rust for 35 years. That’s a long time.

Steel Sourced and Manufactured in the USA

It’s no surprise that other metal roof manufacturers and installers get their metal from all around the world. While the team at 4Ever Metal Roofing does not look down on this, we believe in keeping our materials and money at home in our own country. This helps us better control quality and warranties that we offer to you, our customer.

Akzo-Nobel Cerama Star 1050 Paint Systems

Your 4Ever Armored roofing system also comes with a coating system that includes even more benefits:

  • Enhanced weatherability
  • Resistance to scratching, fading, and chalking
  • Impressive gloss and color
  • Color consistency
  • Proven Durability

Coating Colors

Ash Grey 382eb821 1920w
Ash Grey
Bone White fc793f3b 1920w
Bone White
Bright White 3c5a6ef7 1920w
Bright White
Burgundy 1920w
Burnished Slate 2f744b74 1920w
Burnished Slate
Charcoal d8087509 1920w
Cocoa Brown 1920w
Cocoa Brown
Dark Red c1c32951 1920w
Dark Red
Desert Sand 40caeb69 1920w
Desert Sand
Driftwood 082df2c9 1920w
Gallery Blue ca3a8491 1920w
Gallery Blue
Hawaiian Blue aa3ecd32 1920w
Hawaiian Blue
Ivory 996f3632 1920w
Ivy 95fb4b72 1920w
Light Grey 8dc09fb5 1920w
Light Grey
Light Stone f1c96d64 1920w
Light Stone
Native Copper 0b98c734 1920w
Native Copper
Rustic Red 597e3423 1920w
Rustic Red
Sahara Tan 1920w
Sahara Tan
Slate eb36cc69 1920w
Stealth Black 16ddd230 1920w
Stealth Black
Taupe 62fc80b0 1920w

Matte and Frost Finishes

Bronze Matte 968d5b9e 1920w
Bronze Matte
Burgundy Matte 1920w
Burgundy Matte
Charcoal Matte 6eb14562 1920w
Charcoal Matte
Heron Blue Matte 519f2d0a 1920w
Heron Blue Matte
Ivy Matte 3547295b 1920w
Ivy Matte
Onyx Matte a70d940a 1920w
Onyx Matte
Red Matte 9f462f5a 1920w
Red Matte
Black Frost f6e96e1c 1920w
Black Frost
Brown Frost b39b3c86 1920w
Brown Frost
Burgundy Frost 1920w
Burgundy Frost
Burnished Slate Frost 95042e93 1920w
Burnished Slate Frost
Charcoal Frost d0a4d3f5 1920w
Charcoal Frost
Evergreen Frost d30c4d8f 1920w
Evergreen Frost
Gagllery Blue Frost 1920w
Gallery Blue Frost
Rural Red Frost 2e27835c 1920w
Rural Red Frost

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